Junotec canopies can be built to any style and specification. They can be placed outside entrance doors, over deck areas, balcony spaces and a multitude of spaces. This allows protection from the elements and natural light through to the entrance area. They allow for outdoor spaces to be used throughout the year which act as extended living spaces. The polycarbonate doesn’t block out the light but provides a shelter from rain and wind which allows home owners to continue enjoying their garden no matter the weather.

Junotec uses high quality aluminium and toughened polycarbonate to create a stylish looking canopy. Glass options are available. A canopy provides an attractive and practical feature to any home, even older villa-style and timber-clad homes. The contrast between the old and the new, and the crisp, clean lines creates a contemporary look.

We tailor the canopy to specific conditions in order to design a solution that looks fantastic and fits the space. Please inquire for more information.