Junotec pergolas are designed to customer conditions and site specifications. Choice of color, the size and amount of bays and various other elements allow the pergola to fit into the smallest opening to covering large areas. The pergola can be freestanding or fitted into an existing building. Junotec pergolas are fitted with our Rotor™ Louvres to create an adjustable roofing system that can be incorporated into a range of structures.

The current specifications are anodised aluminium ranging from 12-20-25 microns depth. The greater the microns the better the protection. With regular cleaning the anodised aluminium will retain its original for no less than 10 years. All aluminium extrusions are supplied by NZ ALI LTD and they are manufactured in ISO9001:2008 quality assured environment according to AS/NZS 1866-1997 standards.

Duralloy or equivalent is the standard finish supplied unless stated otherwise and provides excellent resistance to weather and stay spray. This carries warranties of 25 year maintainable service life, 10 year film integrity, and 7 year colour integrity. A range of exterior powder coat finishes are available provided by Spray Well East Tamaki. The open roof system is designed by Kopi Engineering Ltd which conform to New Zealand wind loading standards, full engineering details are available on request.

We tailor the pergola to specific conditions in order to design a solution that looks fantastic and fits the space. Please inquire for more information.